Advisory Board

The project partners are supported by a broad advisory board with members from multi-national companies, high-tech SMEs and application providers.

During the initial phase of the project, the role of the advisory board is to review the requirements formulated by the project and to discuss and prioritise those requirements that are more pressing for the different industries. During the middle phase of the project, input from the board will ensure that the project is kept on focus on the pressing issues that need to be address for the project to succeed. During the final stages of the project, members of the board will analyse and validate the results developed in the project.


  • Benoit Dinechin, Kalray, France
  • Opher Etzion, IBM Haifa, Israel
  • Olivier Notebaert, Airbus Defense and Space, France
  • Marcello Pellacani, Expert System, Italy
  • Guillem Bernat, Rapita Systems, UK
  • Tibor Schlosser, Bratislava traffic department, Slovakia
  • Sascha Uhrig,Airbus Innovation Group.
  • Zlatko Petrov and Pavel Zaykov, Honeywell, Czech Republic
  • Torbjörn Månefjord, SAAB, Sweden
  • Franco Felici, MBDA, Italy
  • Dirk Ziegenbein and Arne Hamann, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany