D7.2.2. Preliminary Exploitation Plan

Release date: April 2015. Confidential.


This report, included in activities of Task 7.2, provides a more detailed analysis of application and market trends and opportunities and also provides a preliminary strategy for exploiting each of the results of the project.

Task 7.2 aims at setting the exploitation of the project results. A continuous analysis of application and market trends and opportunities will be the basis to produce an exploitation document to set the strategy which will be addressed to exploit the results of the project.

During the first period of the project, the main focus was on the analysis of market trends and identification of how project results could be exploited.

In the second period a strategy is starting to be put into place on how to exploit the expected results. It was decided to focus the effort first in potential early adopter application domains and their related use cases and in to publicizing the results of P-SOCRATES through different activities such as organization of workshop, individual interviews with potential customers, meetings with IAB members or participation at industrial events related with the project research.