D5.2. Operating systems support prototypes

Release date: March 2015. Confidential.


Work Package 5 of project P-SOCRATES aims at designing and developing an innovative operating system for the reference many-core platform. The activity within this work package has started by identifying a set of requirements that need to be satisfied to create an efficient software platform with proper support for the three use-cases of the project. This list of requirements have been identified and grouped in Deliverable D5.1.2. In particular, given such requirements, this investigation activity has concluded that the best option for the operating system is to have Linux running on the host processor and ERIKA Enterprise on the computing processors.

This confidential document contains a technical user manual which explains how to install and use the preliminary version of the OS. It also contains a mapping of the requirements of deliverable D5.1.2 to illustrate which requirements have been already satisfied and which requirements still need to be met.