D3.3.1. Simple partitioned scheduler

Release date: March 2015. Public.


Work Package 3 of P-SOCRATES aims at devising efficient scheduling mechanisms for achieving a predictable execution on top of the addressed many-core architectures. The activities on this work package started giving a survey of the existing scheduling approaches and task scheduling models, as presented in deliverable D3.1 [1]. The planned activity for the next milestone was the design of a simple partitioned scheduler for the execution of the OS threads on the many-core system.

This deliverable describes the main issues in the implementation of a partitioned scheduler on the target platform (see Deliverable 5.2). As specified in the project Description of Work, the scheduler developed at this stage will statically assign threads to cores, without migration support, and adopt a simple uniprocessor scheduler on each core. The report also details system-level issues, like the management of critical sections, shared resources, data dependencies, etc.

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