D2.2.1. First compiler prototype

Release date: March 2015. Public.


Deliverable 2.2.1, “First compiler prototype”, covers the work done during the second phase of the project within WP2. The deliverable spans 12 month of work and handles the work done in task 2.2 "Automatic extraction of parallelism of applications with high-performance and real-time requirements" to reach milestone MS2.

Concretely, the first internal milestone MS2 of Task 2.2 provides a first compiler prototype not fully automated, although capable to express certain level of parallelism of applications. The parallelism extracted by the compiler identifies the portions of the application (tasks) that can run in parallel as well as relevant information to derive the impact on execution time.

This deliverable presents the set of techniques developed during the second phase of the project (and implemented in Mercurium, the source-to-source compiler developed within BSC), which allows deriving the task dependency graph (TDG) of OpenMP application. The TDG incorporates information to expresses the parallelism of applications and information for timing analysis such as the control flow graph.

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