This page presents the list (in reverse chronological order) of the P-SOCRATES approved deliverables. It provides the deliverables summaries, as well as the PDF for the public documents.

D8.2.1. Project Web Server

Release date: January 2014. Confidential.


This deliverable reports on the setup of the P-SOCRATES public web site, which acts as the repository for the public dissemination of the project. The server provides a description of the project, as well as news and public documents.

D8.1.1. Project Management Plan

Release date: December 2013. Confidential.


This document presents the management procedures in the project, describing how the work in the project has been organised to fulfil all goals and milestones. It also notes the major points of governance which are fully described in the Description of Work (DoW), Grant Agreement (GA) and Consortium Agreement (CA).

The document will serve as a “project handbook”, and will be updated during the project as needed.